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Pianist-Singer-Composer of classically-tinged original songs, backed by an imaginary chamber orchestra

“Artfully composed by Edward Willoughby, this original opus is mesmerising and spellbinding”

-Review in Kryztoff RAW for
'Symphony of Strange'

Image: Sarah Walker

Edward Willoughby is a queer femme pianist, writer and composer. Edward has been playing piano all their life, is self-taught and driven by a passion for melody and the transportive nature of music. Edward grew up listening to Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, but always preferred playing music of their own. 


Edward's forthcoming full-length album 'Moving Mountains,' released in April 2022 and fuses their love of classical piano with more contemporary 'baroque pop' influences, to create narrative-driven musical journeys that are full of drama. This followed from Edward's 2018 sound design/solo theatre work 'Observer's Paradox' in which the artist explored their stage fright, nude on stage. Needless to say, it has been a long journey leading to Edward's upcoming debut release. 

Edward has previously worked as a solo pianist, and has composed for live dance, theatre and film. Their last major composition project, providing a sound-score for Gareth Hart's solo dance work 'Symphony of Strange,' was staged in Adelaide Fringe 2013 and Melbourne Fringe 2014. Featuring a 50-piece junkyard orchestra of found objects and fabricated instruments, this work received broad critical praise, including a 5-star review in the Adelaide Advertiser, and was nominated for Best Dance at Adelaide Fringe.  

Edward has also developed a voice as a writer, reviewing ambient and contemporary classical releases for Piano & Coffee Co. and has been an active member of their local arts and music scene, becoming involved with local radio station 3MDR 97.1FM as a volunteer on the Programming Committee and stepped down from their role as Program Manager in 2019.


"Six musos create a spectacular soundscape to Edward Willoughby's impressive score." ★★★★★

-Review in Adelaide Advertiser for 'Symphony of Strange'

"Jagged layering of sounds evokes the arhythmic patterning of everyday life, feeling strangely ‘natural’ despite the plastic, metal and glass of many of the ‘instruments.’"

- Review in RealTime Arts for 'Symphony of Strange'

"Atmospheric electronic score." ★★★★½

-Review in Adelaide Advertiser for 'Excavate'

"The electronic gurgles of the music gently complement Hart’s movements, creating an immersive bubble that is soothing and ominous in turn."

-Review in ScissorsPaperPen for 'Excavate'

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